Carol Burner, MA

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


The purpose of the grief recovery group is
give you the opportunity to share your
feelings and experiences of loss with others.  A safe environment is provided where you will
learn how to identify your feelings and put them
in perspective.

This unique bereavement program provides
you with the tools necessary to help
you move beyond your loss and move
towards grief recovery.  You will have an
opportunity to practice new skills that lead to recovery by participating in exercises that guide
you through the process of Awareness,
Acceptance, Recovery, Action, and
Moving Beyond Loss.

The experience of sharing with others who are in
a similar situation dealing with grief can be comforting and reassuring.


Dealing with grief is not easy
and group bereavement counseling is 
not for everyone. In some cases,
individuals may find they do not
want or are not ready to be in
a bereavement group. For those
individuals, one-on-one counseling is offered. 

One-on-one counseling affords
the client coping with a loss 
uninterrupted, focused assistance.   
In the comfort of private surroundings, the client
is often better able to express
his or her feelings of grief to the counselor.

In some situations, a person may
choose a bereavement support program
as well as individual grief counseling.

It is possible to recover from grief with new energy and direction.  By choosing to recover you can find peace and purpose.